WMS service

A WMS (Web Map Service) allows visualization, navigation, change the display scale (zooming in and out), change in the framed area portion (pan), overlay spatial data sets and to display pages information and relevant content of metadata (in agreement with Directive 2007/2 / EC).
In agreement with INSPIRE guidelines for the implementation of consultation services, this service is implemented using the OGC™ (Open Geospatial Consortium Catalogue Services Specification 2.0.2) and using standard ISO 19128 – Web Map Service (WMS) 1.3.0.
The generated map is the representation of spatial information in the form of a digital image file, and it cannot be edited or spatially analyzed by end users.

Warning! the system is currently being updated and WCS and WMS users need to use the new link provided below!

WMS Catalog
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