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The image of the Italian territory is obtained from the TINITALY DEM re-sampled to 100 m resolution. Beyond the borders of Italy the DEM is represented by the SRTM dataset (Europe) and GEBCO dataset (sea). The image is referenced in UTM zone 32, WGS 84.

Terms and conditions of use:

(i) The image is provided for research and/or educational purposes only;

(ii) The image is provided solely to the person named on this application form and should not be given to third parties. Third parties who might need access to the same dataset are required to fill their own application forms.

(iii) The image must be referenced with the following citations (one or both):

1. Tarquini S., Vinci S., Favalli M., Doumaz F., Fornaciai A., Nannipieri L., (2012). Release of a 10-m-resolution DEM for the Italian territory: Comparison with global-coverage DEMs and anaglyph-mode exploration via the web, Computers & Geosciences 38, 168-170. doi: doi:10.1016/j.cageo.2011.04.018

2. Tarquini S., Isola I., Favalli M., Mazzarini F., Bisson M., Pareschi M. T., Boschi E. (2007). TINITALY/01: a new Triangular Irregular Network of Italy, Annals of Geophysics 50, 407 - 425.